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mistpark facebook clone script Mistpark Facebook Clone Script Friendika

Friendika Facebook Clone Script is a free php script application which provides an online social network, much like Facebook, Twitter, and countless others – except Friendika is distributed. So what does it mean by “distributed”?  Well in a nutshell, it means that the social network is spread amongst many websites, like the web itself. No single company or individual can see or own all of the information within the network.

Furthermore, Friendika Script is not more difficult to set up than a WordPress blog or a Drupal website. In fact it’s even easier, because there’s no “admin area” full of obscure controls which can totally screw up your website. We’ve made it dead simple.

Price: FREE

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2 Responses to “Mistpark Facebook Clone Script – Friendika”

  1. Mike Macgirvin says:

    Unfortunately, this entry was created just as the project was being renamed/relocated. Please visit http://github.com/friendika/friendika for the most up-to-date version. The mistpark source tree has lagged behind on several important updates and bug fixes.

  2. Cloney says:

    Thanks for the update Mike! Entry has been updated accordingly. All the best with your wonderful script. Cheers!