AQS Answer Question Script

aqs question answer script AQS Answer Question Script

AQS Answer Question Script is the most advanced question answer script loaded with features needed to create a successful question asking and answering website. Create your own very profitable question answer website such as the yahoo answers clone, blurtit clone, justanswer clone or answerbag clone.

Script Features:

  • 100% Viewable Source Code – AQS is not encrypted.
  • Allows users to login via their facebook account.
  • Supports multiple languages with an advanced multi-language system.
  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories can be added.
  • Users can vote on both questions and answers once per day.
  • Best answers can be selected by question asker.
  • URL’s on the quesiton page are automatically converted to hyperlinks.
  • Points system with admin configurable points rewarded to users.

Price: USD 99.00

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