Collaborative Passwords Manager Script

collaborative passwords manager script Collaborative Passwords Manager Script

Collaborative Passwords Manager Script is a passwords manager dedicated for managing passwords in a collaborative way on any Apache, MySQL and PHP server environment. It is especially designed to provide passwords access security for allowed people. This makes cPassMan really usefull in a Buisiness/Enterprise environment and will provide to IT or Team Manager a powerfull and easy tool for customizing passwords access depending on the user’s role.

One of the script’s key feature is roles, it permits the ease in deployment through all the users. For example, it can be “developper”, “manager” and “IT”. For each Role, the Administrator can define what are the authorized folders. So when creating a new user, it has just to be associated to one or several Roles. Depending on that, the user will only access to the Folders he/she is authorized.

Script Features:

  • Define your own Tree structure of Folders
  • Define the users Roles you want with specific folders access
  • Associate each user to specific roles and customize the groups access
  • Audit trail on passwords and users access
  • All passwords are encrypted in database
  • Clipboard copy of password and login for quick utilization
  • Define minimal password complexity for each Folder
  • Deploy a strategy for “renewal passwords”
  • Associate files & images to passwords
  • Notify users by email
  • Use Tags to classify the passwords
  • Backup and restore your database
  • Users can create personal passwords
  • Auto log-off system when session is over

Price: FREE

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