SamNews Social Bookmarking Script

samnews social bookmarking script SamNews Social Bookmarking Script

SamNews Social Bookmarking Script is a social news application like Digg and Reddit. SamNews requires access to a web server that supports MySQL, PHP, mod_rewrite, and CRON jobs.

Script Features:

  • CAPTCHA to prevent spam
  • Account system
  • Forgot password and password reset functionality (with e-mailer)
  • Remembered/cookied sessions
  • Comment system (inline replies, two tiered system)
  • Automatic YouTube embeds (when YouTube links posted)
  • RSS feed generation
  • Packaged Sphider search engine
  • jQuery tooltips
  • Admin controls: edit/delete users, comments, and links
  • Minimal design that’s intuitive, appealing, and easy to skin
  • Light weight, fast PHP
  • Uses mod-rewrite for clean/descriptive URLs
  • Ajax vote up/down for links
  • IP logging
  • Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons for submitted links

Price: FREE

View DEMO | Download Here

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