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wp instantpay plugin WP InstantPay Plugin

WP InstantPay Plugin is the ultimate blend of the best of two worlds – it integrates flawlessly with WordPress 3.x and higher, the most popular blogging platform online with PayPal, the most used payment processor on the Internet! Using PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API, combined with WordPress’ API, the developer of WP InstantPay has developed a complete Sales Processing and Order Fulfillment system.

The advanced control panel greatly simplifies the process of adding new products into the system, automates the creation of an Affiliate program, and tracks all of the data you need to know to grow your business.

WP InstantPay works with PayPal to split the payment between the affiliate, seller and even an Equity Partner if you have one. Now isn’t that powerful indeed?

Price: USD 67.00

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