WPAdsensor Affiliate Ads Plugin

wpadsensor affiliate ads plugin WPAdsensor Affiliate Ads Plugin

WPAdsensor Affiliate Ads Plugin shows your Amazon, ClickBank and Ebay affiliate ads based on the Keywords of your WordPress blog posts and displays only relevant or targeted affiliate ads to drive your online income.

This is done by adding tags on your blog posts and ads are displayed based on the tag keywords. You can also choose Amazon or Clickbank or Ebay ads to show or any one or combination of two by ticking only the required ads. All you have to do is to install this plug-in into your WordPress blog as an admin and then you just need to make some simple choices.

You can add affiliate ads for:

* ClickBank™
* Amazon™
* eBay™

These high-powered ads network generate the best results, large collection of in-demand products and the most clicks when users are on the site.

Price: USD 17.00

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