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crawltrack web statistics tool CrawlTrack Web Statistics Script

CrawlTrack is not only a Web Analytics script such as Google analytics, AWstats, phpMyVisites or Piwik, but it’s a complete tool. With CrawlTrack you will get information that all the others are unable to provide.

With CrawlTrack Web Statistics Script, you will get a detailed view of crawler activities on your site. For example, crawlers visits amount for more than 85% of total hits on while some are useful, others are far less and even dangerous (5% are hacking attempts). Only the PHP technology used by CrawlTrack is able to provide you a clear view of spiders crawling your site, to follow your site indexation minute per minute. This is fundamental to help you to improve your site ranking in search engine results and thus the number of your site visitors.

You can also view information regarding the number and origin of visitors, bounce rate, number of 404 errors, number of file downloads if applicable, your server load usage and your site indexation. You will be able to follow on a daily basis your site position in search engine and your rank for each keyword which brings you visitors.

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